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Anchor Shaft Corrosion Protection Systems

To protect your guyed tower, we recommend an anchor shaft excavation inspection for all guyed towers which are more than a few years old if they have not had a corrosion protection system. (CPS). Since 99% of anchor shaft corrosion & shaft failures normally occurs in the lowest 1′ of the anchor shaft, it is prudent to carefully excavate & inspect the entire length of each anchor shaft. Installing our high quality Cathodic Protection System (CPS) ensures the safety, security & life expectancy to your guy wire tower structures. Our cathodic protection systems have proven they can last over 30 years when used in conjunction with a resilient anchor shaft protective coating.

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Cathodic Protection System
- Part Numbers
- Tower Width

Prices US Dollars

Catalog Tower Drawing
DT-CPS-1 anchor protection kit 
Up to 12" Wide

DT-CPS-1 anchor protection kit for towers up to 12″ wide with 3 guy anchors. 3 anodes in the kit.

DT-CPS-2 anchor protection kit 
For Towers 13″ to 30″ wide


DT-CPS-2 anchor protection kit for towers 13″ to 30″ wide with 3 guy anchors. 6 anodes in the kit.

DT-CPS-3 anchor protection kit 
For Towers 31″ to 42″ wide

 DT-CPS-3 anchor protection kit for towers 31″ to 42″ wide with 3 guy anchors. 9 anodes in the kit.

DT-CPS-4 anchor protection kit 
For Towers 43″ to 60″ wide

500 lbs. (dry weight)


DT-CPS-4 anchor protection kit for towers 43″ to 60″ wide with 3 guy anchors. 12 anodes in the kit.

All Dakota Towers products are backed by a 2-year product workmanship warranty to the purchaser from the date of sale.

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