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Tower Lighting in ND, MN & MT.

Install GPT or customer supplied LED or strobe lighting systems.
Replace tower lighting systems.
Repair existing tower lighting systems.

Tower Maintenance

As towers age, rusted sections or ice-damaged steel and guy wires must be replaced, worn antenna components must be repaired, concrete anchors must be reinforced and weakened Cathodic Anchor Shaft Protections must be repaired or replaced. If left uncorrected, such problems can lead to tower failure. That’s why we have always made tower maintenance a top concern.

At Great Plains Towers, we stress tower maintenance, it forms the backbone for our continued growth and our customers success. In addition to routine site inspections which ensures tower compliance and safety, we offer scheduled maintenance checks on the towers we build and service which can detect problems early and prevent unnecessary tower and communication failure.

As part of this service, we have developed our own proprietary software to track pertinent information on the more than 2,000 towers we maintain. This powerful software allows us to schedule future maintenance work more efficiently as it comes due.

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