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Hydradyne double drum tower erection hoist w trailer (green)‚Äč

$35,000.00 (West Fargo)

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Hydradyne double drum Tower Erection hoist #SHH-70-3 manufactured 10/13/97 for sale $35,000.
  • Hydradyne double drum Tower Erection hoist #SHH-70-3 manufactured 10/13/97
  • Sold only with and on triple axle Kiefer brand bumper ball trailer.
  • The bottom (third) high speed tag line winch drum was removed and used on another hoist and is not available.
  • Hydradyne Model (metal) tag: T600M: B14 B28 5R00 D10
  • All original manuf books. history docs available.
  • Original buyer/owner/operator and always well cared for. This hoist is dependable, strong and smooth operation since new.
  • Isuzu 4JB1 diesel engine (70hp max intermittent/ 61HP continuous at 3000rpm) smooth dependable 4 cylinder.
  • The (upper) load line DP brand winch drum model M12 (pn M12BBS2R1D) was manufactured as a API personnel man-lift rated option. S/N 07059798R. 
  • The (lower) jump line DP brand winch drum model SB11 (pn 52816)
  • 2,000' of 7/16" 6x25wc steel cable in VG condition (with certificate page) for each drum. 20,400lbs nominal break strength, Actual break test 23,100lbs cert)$2,564. Each.
  • Cranesmart Towersmart brand 900mhz anti-2-block model 939 built in for the load winch personnel lift drum. (SN# CJ12492)
  • 4 extra heavy duty anti-skid hand crank load leveling ground jacks .
  • Gin pole carrying rack on top with wood cushion inserts.
  • Single lifting point for crane lift approx. weight over 20,000 lbs.

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Hoist double winch drum Gearmatic tower erection 175hp Cat (yellow)

$35,000.00  (OBO West Fargo)

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Hoist double winch drum Gearmatic tower erection 175hp Cat (yellow) - $35000
  • Tower erection hoist double drum one piece custom designed built into trailer framework.
  • Newer 175 HP turbo Cat Diesel engine. (no leaks)
  • Two Braden/Gearmatic model 35-11-30-11-00 Planetary drive winch drums. (no leaks)
  • Approx. 4,000' of 3/8" / 3,000' of 7/16" / 2,300' of 1/2" wire rope winch line.
  • Hoist has been great for all tower work up to 1500'.
  • winch drums: Barrel dia. 8" / flange dia. 23" / barrel length 22".
  • 13,300 lbs max pull bare drum is rated, but pulls unknown more.
  • Hundreds of feet per minute line speed if throttled up.
  • Very powerful dependable pulling drums engine at idle or high throttle.
  • Anti-2-block Crane smart system.
  • Load line winch drum was modified to personnel lifting specs over 15 years ago.
  • Cathead 6,000lb rated Braden hydraulic. large cathead wheel for smoother faster tagging hoisting.
  • All hoisting lift controls both option hand or foot controls.
  • Last winch tear down was several years ago, 
  • Operates like new.
  • Weight estimated 19,000lbs. TBD. 

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84' Long, 4-Legged, Aluminum Gin Pole with Engineering Documents and Load Charts

$10,000.00 (West Fargo)

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84’ long, 4 legged, aluminum gin pole in good shape with engineering documents and load charts.

Estimated 1,000 lbs. physical weight. Manufacturer not known. Engineering docs suggest maximum 0* vertical load of 4,074 lbs. and maximum working 3,321 lbs. with a 2* gin pole lean angle all with 5 to 1 safety factors. Double sheaved rooster head on Kaydon bearing.

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