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Tower Inspections, Inventories & Site Audits in North Dakota, MN & MT

Great Plains Towers can provide trained inspectors for an annual physical inspection of each tower site. Over the past 50 years we have earned a reputation for quality, reliability and attention to detail.

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  • During a typical tower inspection, we inspect, photograph and report on the following as a partial list:
  • The condition of lighting systems, strobes & LED’s, and other lamps to ensure continued compliance with FAA guidelines.
  • The physical condition of the tower, guy wires, antennas, feed lines, safety climb cable assembly and other components.
  • Cracks which may have formed in the foundation supporting the tower, sealing them as needed or requested.
  • The above-ground condition of guy anchor shafts.
  • The tension of guy wires, adjusting turnbuckles as needed or requested.
  • The voltages of the anodes connected to each Cathodic Protection System (CPS) to ensure corrosion-safe measurements.
  • The condition of all bolts, nuts and welds, securing any loose bolts and nuts.
  • Damage to the fence surrounding the tower and anchors, repairing it as needed or requested.
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