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Tower Site Components
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Ballast Foundation

Our Ballast Foundation bases are all welded for rapid deployment & installation of our support structures in just minutes. No assembly of ballast foundation tray required!

Ballast foundations are available for open flatbed trailer shipments.

   -  Interface plate sold separately

Interface Plate

The Great Plains Towers ballast tray Interface Plate is hot-dip galvanized and comes pre-drilled an ready to use based on your tower selection. The plates will be delivered drilled based on your tower or pole selection. The square Interface Plate comes in 24", 32", 38", 44", or  48" square plates.

10.5' Ballast Tray Foundation + Tower Kit

Our Ballast Tray Foundation bases + Tower Kits are all welded for rapid deployment & installation of our support structures in just minutes. No assembly of ballast tray box and Tower.

The Ballast Tray Foundation + Tower kits are available for open flatbed trailer shipments.


Direct Embedment Sections

The Great Plains Towers Direct Embedment Section (DES) is a simple one piece component which has cost savings benefits.

The DES is by far the most commonly utilized design with the biggest advantage for installing our Dakota SS tower foundation over installing 12 anchor base bolts.

Place the DES (Direct Embedment Section) into the excavated hole along with the rebar & fill the excavation with concrete while following our pre-engineered self-supporting foundation drawing is quick & simple.  

Beacon Side Mount Bracket

DTBCN-SM-BRKT - Dakota Towers Beacon Side Mount Bracket

The DTBCN-SM-BRKT allows for side mounted beacons on round tower legs and fits legs from 1 ½ inches to  3 inches in diameter. The mounting area provides four 5/8 inch mounting holes with a 9.25 inch square bolt pattern and a 6 ¾ “triangle pattern. Two 5/8 inch U-bolt assemblies are included.

Safety Climb Fall Arrest Systems

Check with us for availability & prices of the optional extra cost items: Safety Climb Cable Systems.

Installation Drawing and Parts List

Anchor Shaft Corrosion Protection Systems

To protect your guyed tower, we recommend an anchor shaft excavation inspection for all guyed towers which are more than a few years old if they have not had a corrosion protection system. (CPS). Since 99% of anchor shaft corrosion & shaft failures normally occurs in the lowest 1′ of the anchor shaft, it is prudent to carefully excavate & inspect the entire length of each anchor shaft. Installing our high quality Cathodic Protection System (CPS) ensures the safety, security & life expectancy to your guy wire tower structures. Our cathodic protection systems have proven they can last over 30 years when used in conjunction with a resilient anchor shaft protective coating.

Guy Anchor Shafts


- Basic design use installed the base of an anchor shaft in a suitable buried concrete foundation to support the combined tensions of multiple stranded guy wires which in turn supports guy wire type towers.

- Sold in lots of 1 (one) each


Tower Base Ground Rod Kits

Ensure that your tower is grounded to a minimum of national standards or Motorola grounding standards. Dakota Tower Base Grounding Kits meet ANSI/TIA-222 REV. Each kit includes the hardware to add to a base grounding system.

Tower Stand-Off Mounting Brackets
Tower Standoff Bracket Mounts

Our Tower Standoff Bracket Mounts are fully welded with no assembly required which facilitates fast installations. All clamp sets are not included in the listed pricing which are ordered separately.

Contact us for clamp set pricing.

Click to download the 2 - 3 - 4 ft Tower Standoff Bracket Mount Drawing

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