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Tower Base Ground Rod Kits

Ensure that your tower is grounded to a minimum of national standards or Motorola grounding standards. Dakota Tower Base Grounding Kits meet ANSI/TIA-222 REV. Each kit includes the hardware to add to a base grounding system.

Options for Fold-Over Poles & Towers

Rapid Deployment Hinged Articulating Towers & Poles support applications: CCTV cameras for security, production activity, deterrent, warehouse stock, personal protection. Lighting in parking lots, schools, rest areas, streets, airports, ski slopes, playgrounds, swimming pools. RWIS, Broadcast, PTC, SCADA, WISP, microwave, LACT’s, PODs, Cellular. Rooftop & ground mounted mounted heliport wind direction socks & assoc equipment. Roadside RWIS Meteorological (MET) instruments, environmental weather research stations. Wind turbine generator support structure. Flags, banners & signage displays. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Civil Defense warning sirens & public address speakers. Traffic control signals, warning & flashing lights. Aircraft rotating beacon warning lights, obstruction lighting, runway lighting. Lightning dissipation & attraction. Scientific research test monitoring stations, devices & instruments

Tower Stand-Off Mounting Brackets
Tower Standoff Bracket Mounts

Our Tower Standoff Bracket Mounts are fully welded with no assembly required which facilitates fast installations. All clamp sets are not included in the listed pricing which are ordered separately.

Contact us for clamp set pricing.

Click to download the 2 - 3 - 4 ft Tower Standoff Bracket Mount Drawing

SpraKil SK-13

SPRAKIL SK-13 is an excellent general bareground granular herbicide controlling a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses. SPRAKIL SK-13 is a combination of 1% tebuthiuron and 3% diuron – two proven active ingredients providing excellent bareground weed control. SPRAKIL SK-13 is used on utility substations, military installations, petroleum tank farms, airports, and other non-crop areas where season long bareground weed control is desired. SPRAKIL SK-13 is applied at the rate of .35 lb. to 1 lb. per 100 square feet.

2 year carryover foliage kill / bare ground.

One 40 lb pail can cover & kills all foliage in an average 80’ x 80’ tower site compound. Upwards of 6500 square feet per 40lb pail per our experience.

SpraKil SK-13 EPA Registration - Click to view pdf

Twin Pipe Mounting Brackets

Dakota Towers - Twin Pipe face mounted microwave dish mounting brackets which all come with the dimensions of 24” tall pipes and 37” wide brackets, in which each bracket has a 5” space between the tower leg and the 2’ tall antenna mounting pipe.

Propane Tank Valve Ice Protection Shield

These Propane Tank Valve Ice Protection Shields were designed & manufactured in response to the need for a sturdy protection device to protect the propane tank valves & gas tubing which sustains physical damage plus propane gas leakage loss from damaged propane tanks from the results of ice falling from towers.

Tower Lightning Rod Ground Kits

The Dakota Towers Lightning rods with their pointed tip may be the lightning strike preferred path to ground down and through the tower instead of the lightning striking ancillary facilities clamped on a structure. 

Telescoping Tower Mast - (DISCONTINUED)

We have discontinued offering telescoping masts.

Please see our Mid Hinged & Base Hinged poles.

Tower Top Pipe

Great Plains Towers Top Pipe

Anti-Climb Panels for Free-Standing Towers (hinged door not included)

The Dakota Towers anti-climb panels ensure that unwanted visitors cannot climb your Dakota tower. Each anti-climb panel,  are designed for installation on a Dakota Tower free-standing tower section which comes complete with three (3) aluminum panels riveted onto the tower section at our factory to make protecting your investment simple and cost-effective. The smooth surfaces of the aluminum anti-climb panels make it virtually impossible for trespassers to climb the up the panel.

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