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Options for Fold-Over Poles & Towers
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Options for Fold-Over Poles & Towers

Rapid Deployment Hinged Articulating Towers & Poles support applications: CCTV cameras for security, production activity, deterrent, warehouse stock, personal protection. Lighting in parking lots, schools, rest areas, streets, airports, ski slopes, playgrounds, swimming pools. RWIS, Broadcast, PTC, SCADA, WISP, microwave, LACT’s, PODs, Cellular. Rooftop & ground mounted mounted heliport wind direction socks & assoc equipment. Roadside RWIS Meteorological (MET) instruments, environmental weather research stations. Wind turbine generator support structure. Flags, banners & signage displays. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Civil Defense warning sirens & public address speakers. Traffic control signals, warning & flashing lights. Aircraft rotating beacon warning lights, obstruction lighting, runway lighting. Lightning dissipation & attraction. Scientific research test monitoring stations, devices & instruments

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